Written by Sean Johnson on June 14th 2012
The following checklist was created to assist clients assess where their current "marketing efforts" were at.

This list can be extremely valuable to any business to give them a snap-shop of how their brand, product or service is performing, or not performing.  This checklist is practical and most importantly, useful.  In order to extract the right kind of information, it is critical that you be as brutally honest as you can.  If possible, it is advised that you get someone outside of your business to conduct this process in order to provide you with an accurate result.  However, you can still achieve great results on your own.

Checklist Questions

1 Do you have a clear understanding of what your Brand Identity is? This is the core value or essence of what you do. Yes • – No •

2 Have you completed a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) in the last twelve months? Yes • – No •

3 Do you have a list of Key Assumptions/Critical Factors for Success you have derived from your SWOT Analysis? This is a fundamental process of setting accurate marketing objectives and strategies.
Yes • – No •

4 Are you currently working from a structured Marketing Plan or Strategic Plan? Yes • – No •

5 Do you have a positioning strategy for your product(s) or service(s) and is it working?
Yes • – No •

6 Do you have a person (employee or outside marketing company) dedicated to marketing – Planning, Initiatives & Strategies? Yes • – No •

7 Do you know what your Target Market is for your product(s) or service(s)? Yes • – No •

8 Have you confirmed your product(s)/service(s) Marketing Mix? Product, Price, Place, Promotion, which defines your target market. Yes • – No •

9 Are your marketing aids up to date –Brand Image/logo, Website, E-news broadcasts, Media Campaigns, Printed Material, Merchandise, Presentation Tools (PowerPoint/PDF format)? Yes • – No •

10 Are you performing regular Test & Measure analysis of your marketing strategies? Yes • – No •

Sean Johnson

Sean is the founder of SAJ Marketing. SAJ Marketing helps businesses secure their brand, product or service for future growth.
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